Abe Jellinek
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Alt-Right Demonstration in Berkeley (2017)

I observed a rally by the so-called "alt-right" in Berkeley, Calif., on August 27th, 2017, and photographed the event and protesters on all sides. I'm personally not too thrilled that Berkeley has become the target of out-of-town political elements with no place here. Let's hope that the Nazis take their cue and get out.

Jordan, Dubai, Israel, and Palestine (2017)

I spent my summer in Amman, Jordan, studying Arabic at an awesome school called Sijal. I came in as an upper beginner and left a much more confident intermediate speaker… but I'm getting distracted. These are some photos that I took in Amman and other areas of Jordan, as well as Dubai (stopover), Israel, and Palestine. I hope you enjoy!

Morocco and France (2016)

I traveled around Morocco and France in the summer of 2016 and took far, far too many photos. I was a bit held back by only having my 50mm prime lens on a 1.6x crop camera with me, an unwise choice, but I made do. This is a small selection of photos from that trip.